10 ways a digital solution makes owning work equipment easier

Managing the documentation for your work equipment really doesn’t have to be that hard. Here are 10 ways a digital documentation platform can make your life easier

  1.  No paper
    Get rid of the chaos of hundreds and thousands of printed pages of documentation.
    Bilfinger went from pen and paper to Onix Inspect: “Annoyingly efficient and elegant.”

  2.  Share documentation with inspectors
    With a cloud-based solution, you can share your documentation with inspectors, and they can upload their reports directly to you.

  3. Get documentation directly from suppliers
    Immediately get the documentation for any new equipment you buy from a supplier directly into your platform.

  4. Scan equipment
    Scan a QR code with a smartphone to bring the user directly to the equipment’s documentation and issue notifications before using it. Sick of looong serial numbers? Good news!

  5. Digital checklists
    User-friendly digital checklists make performing correct pre-use checks and maintenance routines easier.

  6. Know when to inspect
    Set automatic notifications for when an inspection is due, making sure you’re always compliant with rules and regulations.

  7. Know when to maintain or replace
    Get notified when maintenance is due or when a replacement might be necessary for consumables such as slings and ropes. Learn how Onix can help avoid typical accidents

  8. Be warned of issues
    Register any defective or damaged equipment directly, so the equipment owner can make sure it’s fixed – and the next worker knows not to use it.

  9. Available user manuals
    Have the user manual available at any time in the app, rather than needing a paper version always kept near the equipment.

  10. Be sure that only certified workers use the equipment
    Have the app notify any worker trying to use a piece of equipment they’re not certified to use.

With all the rules and regulations involved when owning and operating work equipment, it can be hard to keep track of everything. And when the documentation, inspection, and maintenance become too expensive and time-consuming, it’s easy to lose oversight or take shortcuts.

But the requirements are there for a reason: We all want our workers to be safe. With a digital solution, there’s no need for shortcuts. You can stay safe and compliant with equipment requirements hassle-free.

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