How to stay LOLER compliant with Onix

Let’s be honest: Keeping up with LOLER (The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) can really be a hassle. And how sure are you that every little piece of your company’s equipment is compliant?

There are a lot of requirements to keep track of in LOLER. If you need a brief walkthrough of the regulations, you can check out our Quick Guide to LOLER:

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Now, you might think you’ve got it covered: After all, you have a great system for keeping track of your cranes, lifts, or hoists. And we hate to burst your bubble – but how great is that system at keeping track of every accessory and item of loose gear? Do you have the documentation for every chain, sling, and eyebolt easily accessible, and do you know exactly when their next inspection should be?

Keeping track of requirements, inspections, and documentation manually takes a lot of time and work. And we know: The nagging of going digital and streamlining your workflow is constant, and the pain of learning a new system might make it seem like it’s not worth it.

But we promise: Onix will make it easier and more efficient to stay LOLER compliant and help you ensure safe use of the equipment. Also: It might save your company’s backside if any problems should arise, because you can document how you’ve done everything right.

With Onix, you get:

  • The required user manual of every piece of equipment stored and available
  • Checklist templates that make it easier to create and complete checklists digitally
  • All required documentation stored in the app and made available for inspectors
  • Alerts when it’s time for new inspections
  • Auto-generated reports after inspections, containing inspection date, equipment status, and any issues found and who’s responsible for solving them
  • Documentation that can be digitally signed, distributed, and stored according to LOLER
  • The required security measures for electronic documentation that
  • make sure that reports can’t be tampered with

In short, Onix makes sure you always know what to do and when to do it – and can document that it’s done in compliance with LOLER.

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