Are you ready to supply to the future – or are you the guy predicting that the internet is just a fad?

Have you noticed how much the demands from your customers have changed drastically in just a few years? Are you still comfortably meeting their demands, or do you find yourself gradually falling behind?

We know some equipment suppliers believe they can keep going the same way they always have, thinking that the constant nagging about digitalization and cloud solutions will wear off. Now, we’re not saying that they’re going to look as stupid as the guys predicting that the internet was just a fad. Wait – yes, that’s actually exactly what we’re saying. Sorry!

There’s really no getting around it: Pen and paper, binders, and manually produced and distributed documentation is a thing of the past. It simply takes too much time, and there’s too much risk of human error.

Equipment suppliers who want to future-proof their business have no choice but to bite the bullet and invest in cloud-based software for documentation. The good news is that the bullet is going to taste so much better than you’d expect!

First of all, it’s going to make your business significantly more efficient and increase the quality of your equipment documentation:

1. The warehouse workers picking the equipment and the office producing the documentation will have all the necessary information for ensuring the correct documentation – immediately, and no matter where they are.

2. The documentation will be available to the customer the second the equipment leaves your warehouse.

3. The customer can then access the documentation from anywhere, and share it with anyone they want, easily and immediately.

4. A cloud-based system means the software is always up to date and that the documentation is safe and secure from your servers crashing, your systems being hacked, or your devices breaking.

So, with a cloud-based documentation management software like Onix, you save time, increase efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

But that’s not really the most important part. Because the thing is: No matter how much or little your company cares about saving time or money (because who cares about that, right?), this is what your customers will expect and demand.

Like it or not – as hesitant as the supplier industry is towards digitalization, the industries you deliver to aren’t. The demand for digitally capable suppliers is ever-increasing, and more and more customers expect the documentation to be delivered immediately and digitally. Are you prepared to hand over that competitive edge to other companies?

So, where does your company stand? Are you going to show your customers that you’re ready for the future, or are you going to be the guy who thought that the internet was just a fad?

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