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It’s said that it’s no longer the big businesses beating the small; it’s the fast beating the slow. Now, we’re not saying that all the company’s employees should start training to be the next Usain Bolt (wouldn’t that be something!). But with the right software, you can at least be the Usain Bolt of delivering equipment documentation to your customers!

Now, you might think you’ve got it covered: After all, you have a great system for keeping track of your cranes, lifts, or hoists. And we hate to burst your bubble – but how great is that system at keeping track of every accessory and item of loose gear? Do you have the documentation for every chain, sling, and eyebolt easily accessible, and do you know exactly when their next inspection should be?

Making sure your customers receive all the required documentation when selling equipment can be time-consuming and costly. You have to know exactly what documentation is required for what equipment, and to which customers operating in what areas.

And with an order perhaps coming in one place, warehouse workers picking the equipment in another location, and the required documentation being created and distributed to the customer from a third location, the double work and risk of error is significant.

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Has your company ever crunched the numbers on the time you spend producing, delivering, and storing documentation for your customers? Not to mention what that means in costs?

Well, one of our customers has. Before using Onix, the company had 2,5 employees managing certificates and documentation, and the quality was non-consistent. Now, the company has more than tripled its revenue, but has less than one employee managing all documentation – with best-in-class quality.

Not only that: With a planned acquisition, the company will have 14 times the revenue than when it had 2,5 employees managing documentation. Meaning that, according to the revenue, it would have had 35 employees in charge of documentation – but instead, still only one employee will be needed.

With a documentation management software like Onix, you save time, get paper-free business processes, increase efficiency, and reduce operational costs. But you also get a massive competitive edge.

It’s no secret that the equipment supplier industry is hesitant when it comes to digitalization. Unfortunately, the industries you deliver to aren’t. The demand for digitally capable suppliers is ever-increasing, with customers expecting the documentation to be delivered immediately and digitally. We see more and more small companies winning big contracts because they are innovative and at the forefront of implementing new, more effective solutions.

So, please: Don’t be stuck where you are, just watching the train leave the station. Stay in front of the game – be Usain Bolt running faster than the train!

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