Big News! Maintenance

In Onix Work Spring release 2020 you will find that we have listened to your comments and suggestions, and have converted them into brightly shining software for all Onix Work users.

We also took the time to improve existing functionality.

Put together : the new software and the brush-up will make your workflow sparkle!

With the new version of Onix Work you will have an even better supervision of all your work equipment.

Here are some highlights:

  • organize Maintenance and Service straight from Onix Work
  • plan different due dates and several job types on any single equipment
  • monitor planned jobs, performed inspections and other issues
  • from an app: carry out operator maintenance, with dedicated checklists for different job types
  • operators can perform ad hoc checklists, such as Safe Job Analysis (SJA)

Regardless whether your company will start to use all the new functionality or not,

** there are certain fundamental changes to how the equipment information will be displayed – this will affect all our customers!

We therefore strongly recommend that you take the time to study these changes.

For instance by watching our Spring release webinar on May 19th, and also by reading the Release document – now published on our Support site.

Join our webinar – free of charge

To help you getting ready for the release in the end of May, we invite you to join our Spring release 2020 webinar on May 19th at 1:00 pm or 2:30 pm. Here you will get an introduction to all the new features before the version gets released.

There will be two different webinars: one in Norwegian (1:00 pm) and one in English (2:30 pm).

To get a head start and learn more about this release join our webinar May 19th. Welcome to all users!

Want to learn more? Get in touch!

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