Dear inspector: ‘Cloud-based solutions’ aren’t just buzzwords – here are 5 reasons why

You’re probably sick of hearing about ‘the cloud,’ and it’s easy to assume it’s just another tech fad that doesn’t really apply to you. But we promise: This will actually make your work more efficient and your customers more happy. 

A cloud-based software solution simply means that instead of storing data and documents – such as checklists and inspection reports – on a device or local office server, it’s stored in big external data centers with an online connection. 

Now, we’re going to bite our tongues and not make silly puns about clouds – like how our heads aren’t in the clouds when we suggest that this is going to bring a silver lining to that dark cloud of suspicion hanging over you, and maybe even get your customers to cloud nine. That would be really stupid.

We’re just going to let you in on five reasons why the cloud is a good thing if you’re an equipment inspector:

1. Documentation is ready and available immediately 

After an inspection is finished, it can usually take days, or even weeks, to get all the documentation and reports ready and sent out to the customer. But with a cloud-based solution, this can happen immediately – and we literally mean immediately

All the necessary documents, checklists, and information are already available at the same place where you enter the inspection results. This means that the reports and documentation can be generated in a standardized format and made available for the customer the second you’ve finished – before you’ve even left the site. 

In other words: efficient work and happy customers!

2. Everything is available from anywhere

With your data and documents stored in the cloud, they’re available from any device. This means that you never have to worry about losing your documents if your computer, smartphone, or tablet breaks or is stolen. Everything will be right there when you log into the software from another device and can also be available for anyone else you choose. 

3. It ensures consistent quality from all inspectors

In a company with several inspectors, it can be a hassle to change the routines. Making sure everyone has the latest versions of the checklists and the correct templates for the reports can be a challenge. But with a cloud solution, you’re sure that everyone always has the same version of every document. 

It also ensures that the office immediately has the updated documents and reports from the inspectors the second they finish their inspections, without them needing to send it over manually.

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4. The system is always up to date
A cloud-based solution means that the provider can update your program remotely, so you will always have the latest version. A solution is never finished; it can always be built and improved upon. Also, the laws and inspection requirements change from time to time, which the solution should reflect.

This way, you don’t have to buy or download a new program or version every time something changes – the provider will do it for you, and you don’t have to do anything.

5. It keeps your system and your data safe
Having the software and files saved locally means things can crash or get hacked. If your local server goes down, the system might be unavailable for an extended period, and you also risk losing data. When using a cloud solution, a company specialized in making sure everything is always secure and always up and running has your back. In addition, when the software provider can make sure your solution is always up to date, you also get every bug fix and security update immediately.

As you can see, we aren’t clouding the issue (sorry, I guess we did have to make a silly pun) when we suggest that ‘the cloud’ isn’t just some vague, gibberish buzzword. It actually brings real, measurable value to your operation – increasing efficiency and security and ensuring happy customers.

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