Do your customers always get the right documentation when buying equipment?

Making sure you give the customer all required documentation when selling equipment can be – well, honestly, quite painful. But moving away from pen and paper, post-its, and manual registrations and towards digital solutions can really accelerate the process.

If your company sells equipment that requires various documentation, the workflow can be quite a challenge. Not only does the company have to know exactly what documentation is required for what equipment, and to which customers operating in what areas. But with an order perhaps coming in one place, warehouse workers picking the equipment in another location, and the required documentation being created and distributed to the customer from a third location, the double work and risk of error is significant.

But this process can be done a lot easier. When your company receives a customer order, a software solution can make every step easier and ensure quality:

  • When the order is sent to the warehouse, an app or a popup on the computer can tell the warehouse worker exactly what information to register for each piece of equipment.

  • The required documentation is then automatically generated based on the registered information and immediately made available for distribution to the customer.

  • The solution can be used together with your company’s existing ERP or CRM solution.

  • The documents can be generated with your company’s logo and in whatever language, format, or regulatory regime the customer needs.

  • You will always know what you’ve sold, when you’ve sold it, and to what customer.

Be best in class at documentation: Save time and win over your customers.

In short, a digital solution will make your sales process more efficient, and both you and your customers can rest assured that the documentation follows every legal requirement.

And if you think this sounds complicated, don’t worry – it really isn’t that hard to get started! With some guidance and onboarding, your company should be up and going with the new system and more productive than ever. And with a lot of companies dreading the inevitable digitalization process, being at the forefront and streamlining your workflows will no doubt give your company a competitive edge.

So: Are you ready to say goodbye to double work and unnecessary mistakes?

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