Five reasons to use an electronic checklist on your next construction project

We’ve all heard the dreadful statistics about work-related accidents on construction job sites. Several of the top ten OSHA cited safety violations relate to both equipment used on the job and safety documentation. Take the guesswork out of managing your equipment with user-friendly and easy to use electronic checklists like those available in our smartphone app, Onix Worker.

Here are our top five reasons to use electronic checklists to manage your next construction project.

1. Create meaningful, custom checklists suited to your exact needs

Use an app to create custom checklists suited to how your team works but standardizes how your equipment data is shared across your organization. Create your own custom checklists suited to your exact needs and update those checklists as you see fit.

2. Cut out the paperwork

Paper checklists are easy to lose, damage or forget about all together. When you use electronic checklists on your next construction project, you cut out all the paperwork and use an app to keep track of your equipment related tasks. You can also update your checklists on-site without having to save that task for later, especially at home when you should be relaxing.

3. Use images (and text) to document issues or concerns

Use checklists with photos and comments to add issues or safety concerns regarding equipment. This enables everyone to clearly understand concerns with each single or composite piece of equipment before they begin using it. 

4. Make audits easier

With electronic checklists like those available in our Onix Worker app, you have access to equipment data and safety documentation 24-7, no matter where you physically are in the world. This ensures audits and safety checks occur based on real-time data, making them easier and more accurate. 

5. More easily manage long, labor intensive projects with multiple locations

Construction projects can include multiple locations, employees working at all levels of the business and occur over several months or years. By using electronic checklists, your data is stored in one place and available on-demand.

Effortlessly stay up to date on status and issues related to your work equipment through your smartphone with the Onix Worker smartphone app. This app is built with the field worker in mind and keeps users up to date with information and documents connected to their Onix Work account while on the go. Use Onix Worker to fill checklists for operator maintenance, safety checks and more. 

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