Five Things I Learned in 2020 Plus One Thing I Hope to Learn in 2021

Make time to learn something new.

As in most businesses, the Friday afternoon slump in our office is not exactly a time of high productivity. 

In 2020, we started using Friday afternoons to train our sales staff on how to better use our software platform. By doing this, we have empowered our sales team to better communicate the value of system upgrades and increased functionality to our customers. This time is also used as a weekly motivational gathering to celebrate the week’s sales accomplishments. 

Our sales strategy has not suffered because of the additional time we have dedicated to product training, in fact quite the opposite. Our sales have increased by over 20% this year and we now have customers in South America and Africa.

The most important thing you can do to grow your business is to find and nurture employees with a fire for their roles and your business. 

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, passionate and hold themselves accountable. My philosophy is to trust my team and let them come up with the ideas to help us meet our goals, then empower them with the right tools to achieve their ideas. 

This year, more than ever, I have learned to empower my team by allowing them to use their strengths to help solve the problems we face as a business and take ownership of the results. 

Widespread unpredictability changed everything. 

A few years ago, we started preparing our business to work remotely and this year all that prep work really paid off. The Covid-19 pandemic forced many to find new ways to work-from home, with reduced hours, or with new travel restrictions- in a very short amount of time.

Thus, as we were already prepared to utilize business communication platforms and other remote working tools, we were prepared to do business when and where it best suited current and potential customers. This proved to be most valuable for us at a time when many companies were just beginning to think about working remotely.  

Even small changes can pay off in big rewards-especially if you have the right team around you.

We have made some changes to our sales strategy which shortened our sales process and made it easier for potential customers to match with our solutions. We have fewer meetings before contracts are signed and have made it easier to connect potential customers to a solution which best suits their needs.

Our customers lead product development.

We need to listen to our customers to better improve Onix Work and we’ve built Onix Community in order to do that. In Onix Community, our customers have the possibility to ask for help and advice, get product news, and leave improvement suggestions. This is valuable information for our customers and for our development team.

During 2021, I am looking forward to learning more about how we can continue to improve the buyer experience for potential customers. We aim to offer more value for our potential customers in  terms of our advice and support so they can make the right choice for their business. 

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