How to Choose an Inspection Software Provider

If you work with dangerous work equipment, you are also most likely working with equipment inspectors. However, gone are the days that inspectors use pen and paper to complete their inspections. Inspectors in the 21st century use software platforms and smartphone apps to complete their work, share their findings and add value to their customer experiences.  

Here are our tips for what to look for when choosing an inspection software platform.

Focus on location independence

Using software which limits you to one fixed computer, location-or worse, utilizes pen and paper-prevents you from working where you want, when you want. Using a software platform which allows you to work anywhere from any PC, tablet or smartphone, enables you to do things like fill in digital checklists with notes and pictures as you go along doing inspections or allows anyone you choose to access your inspection documentation before you leave the customer’s job site or warehouse. Use a software platform which is available on the device which is right for you or your business-no matter the location. 

When looking for an inspection software platform, make sure you prioritize one which allows you to work quickly and efficiently from any device, anywhere and at any time.

Work offline or online – you choose

Don’t let being disconnected from the internet slow your business down. Be sure to use a software platform which allows you to work offline, then upload data when you are back online. Work offline but deliver your findings and reports digitally-even if you work offline. This is especially important for inspectors who work in maritime industries or in environments when access to the internet might be limited. 

Everything in the cloud

No more saving inspection reports or follow up notes to only one employee’s computer or in one office. When looking for inspection software, make sure you look for one which is cloud based therefore making your reports, findings and data available anywhere, to anyone you choose. 

Also, storing your inspection data and findings in the cloud is paramount for data security. When you store your data in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about hackers, ransomware or other data security issues. 


Add value to your customers

It is important that the software you are choosing is not only giving value to your company, but to your customers as well. The software you are choosing should reflect the quality of your work and deliver professional documentation of high quality. Choosing a system where equipment data, documentation and findings are easily accessible for your customers, will build your reputation as an inspector, and will make it easy for repeat business.

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