How to make and use checklists in Onix Inspect

The number of checklists inspectors have to juggle to perform regular inspections
can be pretty whopping. There’s a lot of time and money to be saved – and motivation and job satisfaction to be gained – by making sure they are as effective and easy to use as possible.

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Now, you might have noticed that pulling up your paper checklists doesn’t exactly “wow” your customers. They’re not especially impressed when they have to wait for days or weeks for you to bring your papers back to the office to complete the documentation.

With digital checklists, you’re sure to gain a bigger competitive edge. Being more effective means you can win over more customers by offering a better price – and a happy customer is more likely to come back for more.

Having thorough digital checklists also ensures that the necessary inspections, precautions, and maintenance are done with consistent quality, timely and correctly, and followed up with the appropriate measures. In addition, they provide traceability and accountability if something should happen, making it easier to pinpoint what went wrong and what was done right.

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How to make and use checklists in Onix Inspect

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