HSE: Is your company following safety best practices?

Let's cut to the chase - Safety in the workplace should be seen as something positive and easy - and if it's not - it can be a matter of life or death.

By creating a good and simple safety culture , you ensure more time for actual work - while maintaining the safety and well-being of the employees.

It sounds pretty straight forward right? The thing is: Many companies create artificial HSE requirements - and this can contribute to unnecessary costs, dissatisfaction and irritation. 

Are you certain you are not one of them?

  • The main cause of fatalities at work in 2020/21 was falls from a height, which caused 25% of all worker deaths over the year.
  • This was closely followed by being struck by a moving vehicle, which resulted in 18% of deaths, and being struck by a moving object (12%).
  • Together, these three causes have been the main factors in worker deaths since at least 2001/02, representing more than half of all fatalities from this date (HSE).
That is why we have created a film where we share insights on how to ensure that you have the information you need to improve processes and ensure a safe workplace. In the video, you will learn more about:

  • A better understanding of the legislation regarding work equipment
  • The responsibility you have as an equipment owner
  • How to streamline daily tasks
  • The importance of making information available - and how it contributes to a safer working environment and fewer accidents
  • The most important trends all equipment owners should be aware of
  • The potential of digitizing (and how easy it is)
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