Important things to think about as an owner of work equipment

Are you an owner of work equipment? Do you have employees that uses lifting gear, fall protection or other dangerous work equipment in their workday? Then you know there are plenty of strict claims regarding security and documentation. As an employer you have several laws and regulations to comply with. Among other things, you are responsible for:

-Certified and documented safety training
-Expert- and documented control
-Instruction manual is available

Does your company have all of this under control? If the answer is no, then you should continue reading.


When the employer receives new equipment, such as lifting equipment, it must be delivered with a declaration of conformity and user manuals. This should be available to anyone using the equipment. Who can safely use an equipment without a proper instruction manual? For the use of lifting equipment to be as safe as possible, there is also a requirement for documented or certified safety training. This involves practical training, information, maintenance, assembly, disassembly and transport. This needs to be available to quality inspectors, authorities or customers, as well as those who have undergone training.
In order to ensure that no one is injured when execution the work, various legal requirements have been set up that the companies must follow. This applies, among other things, the areas to


Wrong use or lack of maintenance and control can result in injuries and serious accidents. All companies must identify and assess all hazards and problems associated with the work. The employer is responsible for this being carried out and to facilitate user checks (pre- and post-user checks). This means providing, preparing and maintaining routines and checklists for this, as well as providing adequate information and training. But it is the user’s responsibility to perform the user check.

Each company needs to elect a technical manager who has enough expertise to take care of the technical responsibility for lifting devices and lifting equipment. He / she shall also ensure that quality control is carried out and followed up. The documentation after inspection needs to be kept available for the ones who use the equipment, authorities and quality businesses. If these requirements are not met and something happens in the workplace, it will have huge consequences for the company.

The employer therefore has a lot of responsibility when it comes to legal requirements, documentation, user manuals and certificates. Many have poor routines and often they are not available to those who need them. This can have major consequences for the company and if an accident occurs, it could result in a fine or worse, a prison sentence.

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