Let’s make your day a bit less Exciting!

Let’s face it: Not all excitement is of the good kind. And not knowing whether your potentially explosive atmosphere (ATEX) is sufficiently secured is, honestly, not the type of excitement you need in your life. So let’s help you be safe!

At Onix, we aim to make inspections, maintenance, and documentation as easy and streamlined as possible. That’s why we’re now including Ex inspections in the Onix toolbox, allowing your company to cover another inspection and documentation requirement in one single, simple software solution.

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Not adhering to the ATEX requirements (2014/34/EU) is no joke. The potential of dangerous or even catastrophic consequences aside, there is also the risk of significant economic losses if supervisory authorities uncover any issues. There are plenty of examples of oil installations and industrial plants being shut down immediately and for long periods because of unsecured ignition sources. 

However, complying with the regulations can also be costly. With a huge amount of electrical articles that need to be tagged and regularly inspected, it can be extremely time-consuming. In addition, the software used for tagging, inspections, and documentation is often expensive. 

With our experience in developing streamlined inspection processes and cloud-based, user-friendly software, we realized we had a lot to offer in this area. 

  • Including another inspection and documentation requirement in our existing solution allows us to offer it at a more reasonable price than other solutions on the market
  • Consolidating more functions and information in one software solution lets you cut down on the number of systems you have to juggle 
  • We offer digital checklists both online and offline, and an easier and more effective way for inspectors to find the articles that need inspecting – saving you time and money
  • Tagging articles with QR codes or NFC tags enables anyone working in the area to scan them with a smartphone and report an issue or check their status
  • Our cloud-based solution allows everyone to work seamlessly together so that tagging, inspections, and documentation can be done internally, externally, or both without having to manually transfer or share data


In short, we’re confident we can make your day a lot less exciting – but also a lot easier and more effective. Reach out if you want to try it, and we’ll help you out!

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