Introducing Onix Inspect: Every inspector's new favorite colleague!

OK, so you might have some pretty awesome colleagues already. And, admittedly, this app won't make jokes, let you complain about your nagging boss, or share their lunch. But it will make your workday smoother, more effective, and we dare to say – probably even a bit more fun!

Update: We have made Onix Inspect even better!

We're proud to introduce Onix Inspect. Whether you're used to the previous app, another system, or simply the good old paper documents and checklists, this new app will improve your work-life:

  • It's clean and simple and gives you a quick overview of your workflow
  • You can download documentation and work offline
  • The navigation is suitable for tablets, PCs and phones
  • You can download and complete checklists
  • Lets you scan the equipment fast and easy
  • Gives an immediate overview of existing issues and overdue inspections
  • Allows for preventive maintenance and registering new issues
  • Take photos directly in the app
  • Lets you assign tasks and responsibility
  • Generates documents, certificates and job reports
  • After your inspection, the documentation can be digitally signed and immediately sent to the customer.

Download Onix Inspect (Google Play) Download Onix Inspect (App Store)Download Onix Inspect (Windows)

Simply put: Every part of your workflow is taken care of and made hassle-free with Onix Inspect. Check it out – we're pretty sure you won't regret it!

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