Introducing the new Onix Tag!

You asked – we answered! Onix Tag is our new app for equipment suppliers and brings on a whole new world of possibilities. 

Simplify your day-to-day operations and increase your profit

The new Onix Tag helps equipment suppliers quickly register the unique ID on each piece of equipment they sell. This makes it much quicker to accurately produce the legally required documents like certificates and declarations of conformity.

The new Onix Tag will help simplify your day-to-day operations, making it fast and consistent to create legally required documentation. Onix Tag allows you to increase your profit on the equipment you sell as well as the quality of the documents.

Get rid of manual and time-consuming work processes like;

  • Pen & paper with handwritten unique IDs when picking equipment to an order from the warehouse 
  • Double work when the document center re-types the IDs into a system to create documents 
  • Delay of equipment delivery because the documentation isn’t ready yet
  • Your warehouse or store employees does not know which kinds of equipment types that require legal documents 
  • Different policies or practices geographically in your organization – leading to inconsistent service to your clients

Gather relevant unique information for order fulfillment, regardless of transaction type, device, or specialized knowledge 

The new Onix Tag is targeted at large equipment supplier companies with multiple locations or a multi-location supply chain. The workflow setup makes your documentation delivery process user-friendly and efficient. Onix Tag works seamlessly whether your staff delivers equipment from a warehouse or a store. The app can be used on any device, whether this is on a computer at the check-out point in your store or with a tablet or phone along the warehouse shelves. 

Use the new Onix Tag to ensure that the documentation delivery process is so straightforward that anyone in your organization can deliver the correct documentation without prior or in-depth documentation knowledge. Take the guesswork out of delivering the correct documentation no matter the transaction type, eliminate process bottlenecks and single person dependencies.

Integrates with existing ERP systems and prevents double work

The new Onix Tag serves as a go-between Onix Work and your company’s ERP systems by transferring the specific individual information that is required to produce documents like.

The new Onix Tag enables you to quickly process large data volumes and integrates with your existing ERP system. Work with more than one ERP system? No problem. Many of our customers work with different systems in each franchise and we have designed the new Onix Tag to work seamlessly for those customers too. 

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Onix Tag is a connected add-on to the Onix Work platform. All the setup you need to fit documents, products and workflow processes to your needs is available in Onix Work. Say good-bye to double work and repetitive tasks which use your resources inefficiently.

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