Meet our new CEO: Jens

As of January 2022, we are happy to announce that we’ve got ourselves a new CEO!

His name is Jens Blom.

This decision is an important piece of Onix’s growth plans for the coming years. Creating growth is close to his heart. Jens has several years of experience as the international sales director at Planday, a software company that grew massively over those years. He has also been a part of Onix’s board for the past years, so he already knows a thing or two about our business. Jens has been involved in making many right decisions, but also some wrong ones. You learn from them too, says Jens.

Many of you know our founder Bernt as the face of the company, but rest assured – luckily, he is still with us! Bernt will have an important role in business- and product development.

So, join us in welcoming Jens. Let’s get to know him a little bit more.

What is your motivation for entering the role of CEO at Onix?

Onix has shown exceptional results for several years. It is an organization filled with talented people and I truly believe that the future looks very bright for the company

What are Onix’ ambitions going forward?

Onix` ambition is rapid growth in existing and new markets and verticals. Onix has received attention from around the globe, and we will aim to convert this interest into even more customers who get value from our product.

Why did you choose the lifting industry?

The lifting industry is on the verge of digitalization and Onix can truly help its customers to be compliant, sustainable, and effective while saving costs.

What do you hope to accomplish at Onix?

I hope to be part of an organization where we can attract and retain international customers whilst building an organization where people can develop and produce the best work of their careers.

Where do you see Onix in 5 years?

In 5 years Onix has been established as the number one SaaS product in the lifting industry across the world.

What is your job background?

After graduating from university, I have worked in the hotel and restaurant industry in UK and Norway. For the last 8 years, I have worked in a Danish SaaS company, Planday, as the international sales director. In Planday we rapidly grew from a small team in Denmark into an international scale-up company that was acquired by an Australian company in 2021.

What is your coolest trait?

I am nerdy about food and wine. I appreciate spending time at a dining table enjoying food and wine with friends and family.


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