New authority provisions! – Naval and offshore document storage

The new circular RSV 17-2020 states clearly that it is permitted for shipowners and offshore companies to keep certificates and any other documentation as electronic documents.

Yet this is old news, because ever since 2008 the Norwegian Maritime Authority has permitted electronic documentation. So RSV-17-2020 is a continuation of the circular issued in 2008 and also RSV 06-2013.

100% electronic or 100% paper

The major news is that all documentation has to kept either electronically or, the old-fashioned way, as paper documents. Maritime and offshore companies are not allowed to combine these two archiving methods. I.e.: 100% paper or 100% electronic.

Furthermore, an alternative backup must be available onboard at all times.

The circular RSV 17-2020 was issued by the Norwegian Maritime Authority on June 16th 2020.

The good news are that all the requirements of RSV 17-2020 are met by our system Onix Work:

  • every single document in Onix Work is fully electronic
  • all documents are gathered in one place
  • although Onix Work is mostly meant for online use, we also offer offline modus for ships and rigs at sea (e.g.)

To comply with RSV 17-2020 you need to be a full paying user of Onix Work. Admission via Onix Express will not be sufficient.

If you’re uncertain what kind of user you have, just contact Monica or Andrew – they will happily help you check it – or just call +47 51 63 93 60.

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