Onix Partner profile – Vitec AS

Vitec AS – one more company to become Onix Partner. We are so thankful for their confidence and support when joining the Partner program. Therefore it is with great pleasure that Onix presents to you: Vitec AS !

The company Vitec is centrally situated in Trøndelag, in Industriparken at Verdal.

The department “Vitec Kran og Utstyrskontroll” consists of 6 highly competent and experienced inspectors and engineers. We are qualified as an enterprise of competence (sakkyndig virksomhet) by Norsk Sertifisering AS (SV 228).

We are approved as S1 in Independence Class C, within the following fields:

G1, G2, G3, G4, G7, G8, G10, G11(RX), G20, TX, MX, PX, BHX and TBX.

Our business area is mainly located in central Norway (Midt-Norge), yet we do take on work assignments over the whole country.

In addition to performing expertcontrol jobs, we are also capable to help customers with constructions, calculations, production and repair of tools and equipment. We have separate departments that undertake welding and NDT (Nondestructive Testing).

We have experience with using Onix Work since 2006.

As users of both the Owner and Inspector modules, we have saved a lot of time and money by digitizing our everyday job situation. All documents are easily accessible from Onix Work, for anyone to whom it may concern, 24/7, all year round!! This does not only go for the expert control part of our job, but also for ALL and ANY kind of documentation, demanded by laws and regulations.

If you have any questions regarding Onix, please do not hesitate to contact me, Jan Roar Nessemo, for a noncommittal chat or appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Avd. Kran- og utstyrskontroll / Dept. Enterprise of competence

Jan Roar Nessemo

Avdelingsleder / Faglig leder kontroll og opplæring
Industriveien 12, 7652 Verdal, Norge
Mobil: +47 46 40 22 66 
Epost: jan.roar.nessemo@vitec.as
WEB: www.vitec.as

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