Onix signs deal with Equinor

Onix lands an agreement with Equinor to deliver its solution for inspection and maintenance of loose equipment to all platforms on the Norwegian continental shelf.

"The aim is to increase the safety of the operators on Equinor's platforms. In workplaces with a lot of industrial equipment, it is necessary to have control over and ensure the correct use, maintenance, inspection, and documentation of all equipment, says the general manager of Onix"

Bernt Håvardsholm

Keeping track of all loose equipment can be a daunting task. It often requires a lot of time and paperwork, and if proper oversight is not maintained, it can lead to serious consequences.

Unfortunately, we have seen many accidents on platforms and industrial areas, which could have been avoided with a better solution for monitoring the equipment.

The best solution for Equinor
Equinor has already adopted Onix for crane and lifting equipment at some Equinor facilities, and sees an extended use of Onix for all loose equipment as the best solution for the company.

In the first instance, Onix will be implemented on the Johan Castberg and Snorre A platforms, before scaling up to all platforms on the Norwegian continental shelf. There are also opportunities for further expansion of the Norwegian areas.

- It is clear that it is big for us to enter into an agreement with Scandinavia's largest company. This means a lot to Onix, and we look forward to a very exciting collaboration with Equinor, says Håvardsholm.

With Onix, Equinor gets a common standardized solution for all types of loose equipment, where all documentation and follow-up is collected in one place. The cloud-based solution also means that you can easily interact and share documents and data with both suppliers and inspectors, which saves both time and money.



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