The New Onix Worker App

Use our Onix Worker app to move administrative work from the office to the job site. Make day to day tasks easier by giving access to those who really need it. Enable your workers to perform digital checklists, handle issues, and complete maintenance tasks in the field. 

As an employer, you are required to ensure that the work equipment used on your job site is safe to use every day. Our Onix Worker app makes this task simple with digital checklists for maintenance, easy registration of equipment defects and full access to user manuals. 

Why use the Onix Worker app?

Anyone who uses the equipment has access to information and documents instantly and can perform necessary maintenance with digital checklists. They can also report and resolve equipment errors and omissions. With Onix Worker, user manuals, daily checklists and all the information that is necessary for you to handle your equipment the right way is always available. When you use the Onix Worker app, you can effortlessly stay up to date on your equipment through your smartphone. 

So what’s new?

We introduced the Issues module to the Onix Work platform last autumn as a standalone summary of each company’s equipment and we’ve now incorporated that module into Onix Worker. This means it is even easier to have a complete understanding of your equipment maintenance tasks and history. This way, you are always up to date with your company’s equipment issues, and able to manage and solve open tasks wherever you are.

The Onix Worker app has also been redesigned to make it even more user- and mobile friendly. We’ve added a swipe gesture for quick actions, re-organized equipment details and moved the different modules to the bottom, making the app very easy to navigate.

Our Onix Worker app now supports NFC tags, making it even faster to find equipment details. From the app, you can both link and scan our NFC tag.

Curious to know more about our NFC tags? Read more here.

Always In The Palm of Your Hand – Data Available 24/7 Through Our Smartphone App

Effortlessly stay up to date on status and issues related to your equipment through your smartphone with the Onix Worker app. With Onix Worker, many of the tasks you need to complete on a daily basis can be completed directly in the app. You work in the field, use Onix Worker to do your work in the field before returning to your office. 

Segment first line maintenance tasks into user friendly checklists

Build your company’s personalized digital checklists in the Onix Work platform. Let your field workers use these checklists to document that daily checks and first line maintenance have been performed.

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