The very first Onix Partner – Live Work Consult

The company Live Work Consult was the first to sign up as an “Onix Partner”.

We are so proud to present their company to you.

Live Work Consult AS is built up on delivering service, selling equipment and providing training to entrepreneurs and power grid companies.

Equipment for sale:

  • tools and specialized tools for live-line working (what is called Arbeid Under Spenning in Norwegian, shortened as AUS). Tools adjusted for 220/400V and also up 420 kV
  • instruments for measuring Partial Discharge (PD) in cables and line networks
  • protective and conductive work clothes for arcs and other injuries
  • live-line training courses
  • climbing training
  • lowering down training

Live Work Consult is specialized in inspecting live-line tools and equipement. They possess a mobile test and inspection wagon, particularly meant for inspecting live-line equipment. This is the only one in Scandinavia.

Live Work Consult aims to help, offer support, advice and counselling.

As an Onix Partner they promote the internet portal Onix Work to all their customers, to gather all types of periodical inspections in one common place.

Contact Ragnar Skogdalen at Live Work Consult any time – he can help you improve and make your business better and really more efficient.

Want to learn more? Get in touch!

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