Tracking Loose Lifting Gear in the Digital Age: A Look Into the Future

In today's fast-paced and demanding industrial environment, it is crucial to have a reliable system in place for tracking loose lifting gear. This includes everything from cranes and hoists to slings and chains and is essential for ensuring the safety of both workers and equipment. Traditionally, this has been done using physical paper, Excel lists, and unorganized PDFs, but with the rise of digital technology, there is now a better way.

A digital system for tracking loose lifting equipment offers several benefits over traditional methods.

Accuracy and completeness. With a digital system, all equipment information is entered in real-time and is immediately available for viewing and editing. This eliminates the risk of errors that can occur when manually entering data into Excel lists or paper forms and ensures that all equipment information is up-to-date and accurate.

Efficiency. With quick and easy access to equipment information, the time and effort required to locate and track equipment are greatly reduced. This not only saves time and labor but also improves the overall productivity of the operation.

Organization. With the ability to automatically sort and categorize equipment information, it is much easier to find and manage equipment, saving time and reducing the risk of equipment being overlooked or forgotten.

Security. Digital systems can include security features such as single sign-on and cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure, providing an additional layer of protection for equipment information. This is especially important in today's increasingly connected world, where data breaches and cyber-attacks are a growing concern.

Remote access. With the ability to access equipment information from anywhere, authorized personnel can view and edit equipment information remotely, making it easy to stay on top of equipment issues and keep operations running smoothly.

Collaboration. One of the key features of Onix Work, a digital system for tracking loose lifting gear, is the ability to digitally share information about the equipment. With Onix, you can easily share equipment information with your inspector of lifting gear. This improves communication, and coordination, and helps ensure that equipment is properly maintained and serviced. Onix Work also allows you to create and store detailed information about each piece of equipment, including inspection and maintenance records, helping you to stay compliant with regulations and industry standards. 

Automate inspection and maintenance schedules. This ensures that equipment is properly maintained and reduces the risk of equipment failure, which can be costly and dangerous. With a digital system, inspections and maintenance can be scheduled automatically, and equipment history is tracked and easily accessible.

Finally, digital systems can generate valuable reports, statistics, and analytics on equipment usage, inspection, and maintenance. These provide insights into the performance of the equipment, identify potential problem areas, and help management make more informed decisions.


In conclusion, a digital system for tracking loose lifting gear offers many benefits over traditional methods. With improved accuracy, increased efficiency, better organization, enhanced security, remote access, automated inspection, maintenance schedules, and reporting and analytics, a digital system is the clear choice for any industrial operation.Get in touch

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