What are Onix NFC Tags?

During our Spring Release, Onix Work will become compatible with NFC tags. This is great news for our customers, and anyone interested in using these small, robust and durable tags for identifying their equipment.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Onix NFC tags and how they can improve the process of identifying your equipment. 

What are Onix NFC tags?

Onix NFC tags are near-field communication (NFC) tags which have been pre-programmed to work with Onix Work. These tags are perfect for anyone who uses Onix Work but especially useful for anyone using our smartphone app, Onix Worker. This is because the device most commonly used to read NFC tags are smartphones. 

NFC tags are in fact a type of wireless radio communication and today is most commonly used with mobile payment solutions. NFC tags have become so useful to mobile payment technologies, most smartphones are now equipped with NFC readers built in. 

What is unique about Onix NFC tags? 

Onix NFC tags are pre-programmed to work with Onix Work, which makes using them very quick and user-friendly to get started using. They are also very small and lightweight at only 20mm in circumference. When used as an identifying tag on your equipment, the end user can easily identify equipment, even after the outer label of the tag has disintegrated or is being used in harsh weather conditions. These tags can easily be read when dirty, wet or exposed to UV-light.

How do NFC tags work?

NFC tags gains power through magnetic induction from the device that reads them. When the NFC reader like the one built-in to most smartphones gets close enough to a NFC tag, it energizes the tag and transfers the data.

This makes the equipment identification process contactless and quick. 

Read more about how NFC tags work in our Onix Worker App.

Do I need a special reader to utilize the power of NFC tags? 

Most people already have a NFC reader they carry around every day, their smartphone. 

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